aeris by iRobot Air Purifiers

Air Purification in perfection. High-performance,
beautifully shaped.

Healthy air, filtered just for you.


Efficient, powerful and elegant air purifiers

Our air purifiers use a filtration standard, that is on another level. Air is filtered in your home or workplace incomparably effectively, up to six speed levels. The carefully crafted design is highly functional, and it perfectly complements your smart and clean home.

What we can do for you

Stay Quiet
With the aeris by iRobot app you control when your air purifier should be kept completely silent, or when it has to work a little harder. Enjoy your time without distractions!
Fast Clean
Take advantage of when you leave home or your workplace to clean the room in seconds. The Fast Clean program works at maximum speed to clean your air.
Child Proof
Don't worry about your kids' pushing buttons or changing settings unnoticed. The integrated lock-mode makes the air purifier childproof.
Bedtime or naptime is sacred! When needed, your air purifier slows down the speed so you can sleep undisturbed.
Save Energy and Filter Life
Our air purifier can work for you practically 24 hours a day. Of course, you can also set certain timeouts to save energy or filter capacity. The smart software in our devices will help you get the most out of your purifier.
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Aeris Air Purifiers?

Authentic HEPA filters

We guarantee a highly efficient air filtration performance (Clean Air Delivery Rate, CADR) by equipping aeris by iRobot air purifiers with powerful fans and certified HEPA filters of the H13 or H14 class***, just like in hospitals.

Zero Ozone Released

aeris by iRobot air purifiers are designed with trusted mechanical HEPA H13 or H14*** filtration and molecular adsorption technologies, keeping your air pure without releasing any harmful by-products such as ozone or reactive oxygen species.

Pollutants and pathogens in the air are captured in minutes

When it comes to air cleaning, every minute counts. To continuously remove stubborn particles from every corner of your room, a powerful airflow is needed, generating adequate air circulation. That's why aeris by iRobot air purifiers are designed to completely clean your room air every 15 minutes.

Closed System Design

All aeris by iRobot air purifiers are designed and developed to keep all captured particles and pollutants permanently trapped inside the filtration chamber.

How our customers say

"We manage some tourist apartments in the center of Madrid and we needed a filter to eliminate odors. We decided to buy the aeris by iRobot air filter, after a bad experience with another brand, and we are very happy with the result! Undoubtedly the best choice on the market, as we had a problem with the smell of a room and it has removed it in a matter of seconds apart from leaving the room super clean and fresh. A success, it looks great with the furniture because it has a very elegant and discreet design, it is very worthwhile and also the service was perfect and the shipment was made very quickly.
I love it and I recommend it without any doubt."
Bob W
"For days, my aair Lite showed an AQI of 1. I assumed it must be broken, so I contacted aeris by iRobot. They told me that my purifier was working just fine — it was simply doing its job, and as a result the air in my home was very clean."
"This aeris by iRobot aair Lite purifier checks all of our boxes and is a total beast."
"The aair Lite has become my new recommendation for those new to air purifiers at home."

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