aair Gas Pro Replacement Filter

CADR (Smoke): Up to 400 m³/h
Filter Size: 302 x 302 x 280 mm
Filtration Stages: 2 integrated in 1 combi filter pack
Filter Life: 9 months
Particle Filter Media Amount: 3.0 m²
Filter Media Type: 2400g Active Carbon, 800g Activated Alumina, 800g Zeolite

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Carbon filtration specialized in airborne
gas, odor and chemical removal

While HEPA purifiers are effective at removing airborne particles, the specific job of cleaning gases, odors and chemicals from the air can only be tackled with activated carbon.

The aair Gas Pro is most distinguished by the massive amount of activated carbon and other absorbents in its filter: 4,500g in total. Spread out, that’s the size of over two football fields and 5x more carbon than our aair 3-in-1 Pro purifier.

Next level gas & odor filtration

Next level gas & odor filtration
Next level gas & odor filtration
No ozone release
By utilizing only mechanical filtration, the aair Gas Pro ensures that absolutely no dangerous airborne byproducts like ozone are released.
The aair Gas Pro’s F9 filter helps remove particulate pollutants at 0.4 µm (micron) and above, which allows it to capture larger pollutants, even through it is predominatly geared toward capturing gases.
2,400 grams of Activated Carbon
With activated carbon enriched with zeolite and active alumina, the aair Gas Pro is a powerhouse in removing gaseous air pollutants that even the most powerful HEPA purifiers can’t handle.
Airtight Design
Our completely sealed-system casing keeps pollutants and dirty air from escaping through cracks in the design. The result: clean air with unprecedented effectiveness.
Coarse filter
A small filter for extra system protection.
High-powered Fan
The powerful fan moves a huge amount of air in a small amount of time, despite the dense filter. A 40 m² room will have all of its air purified in 15 minutes.
Effective at 0.1 µm (micron) and above
Next level gas & odor filtration
Next level gas & odor filtration
Main Filter
95% efficiency at 0.4 microns and larger
System Design prevents purified air from getting re-purified
Unique design prevents clean air from getting pulled back into the filtration system
Carbon filter
Embedded with almost 10 lbs of activated carbon, alumina and zeolite to remove odors, gases and VOCs from the air.
Sensors evaluate air 10 times per second
Using a combination of forced air stream design and laser technology.
Powerful Fan
Maximum airflow, optimizes energy consumption
Closed capture system and seamless body design
Ensures dirty air stays inside the unit, completely sealed off from the freshly filtered air that fills your room.

Superior at capturing a wide
range of pollutants

Chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
And Many More

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