aair Lite Replacement Filter Set

Filtration stages: 2, separate filters cases
Pre-Filter Size: 240 x 100 mm
Pre-Filter Media Amount: 1.5 m²
Main Filter Class: HEPA H13***
Main Filter Size: 230 x 230 mm
Main Filter Media Amount: 2.5 m²
Filter set life: 12 months

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A meticulously crafted air filter
for airborne particle removal

The aair Lite filter set is a small but powerful filter that offers air purification and elimination of particles in your home or office.

Best-in-class Particle Filtration.

Best-in-class Particle Filtration.
The HEPA H13
Main Filter

Effectively captures 99.95 % of airborne all airborne particulate pollutants at 0.1 µm (micron)

The Prefilter

The Prefilter captures large particles such as dust, pollen, dander, and hairs, while also extending the life of the fan and the main filter.

Effective at 0.1 µm (micron) and above
Next level gas & odor filtration
Next level gas & odor filtration
HEPA 13 Filter
2.5 sqm of filter material (approximately the surface area of a king-sized bed), proven to remove smoke, mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses - including COVID-19 and more from the air
System Design prevents purified air from getting re-purified
Unique design prevents clean air from getting pulled back into the filtration system.
Powerful Fan
Maximum airflow, optimizes energy consumption
Closed Capture System and Seamless Body Design
Ensures dirty air stays inside the unit, completely sealed off from the freshly filtered air that fills your room
Sensors evaluate air 10 times per second
Using a combination of forced air stream design and laser technology
Filters large dust particles and pet dander (1.5 sqm of filter material)
Effective at 0.1 µm (micron) and above

Protects you from a huge
variety of pollutants:

Urban air pollution
Bacteria, Viruses and
other microoganisms
Pollen and allergens
Pet dander
And Many More

Protects you from a huge variety of pollutants:

Dimensions: 470 x 285 x 285 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Room size: up to 30 m²

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Compatible Accessories

Fabric Cover for aair Lite purifier

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aair Lite Air Purifier

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*** Measured according to ISO 29463 at 0.1 microns and above at fan speed 3 out of 5

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