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Quality above all. That’s our motto, and that’s our approach to everything we do, from our science to our customer service. We see ourselves as extensions of the Swiss tradition of work ethic and dedication to quality, which means the kind of engineering and design you’ve never seen in an air purifier technology before.


Our dedication to science and technology does not begin and end with our current lineup of air purifiers. Rather, we invest the resources we’ve gained into new and exciting technologies.

Our Leaders

Pierre Bi

VP Air Quality

As Co-Founder & pre-acquisition CEO of Aeris, Pierre’s engineering expertise, developed at the Swiss Federal Institution of Technology and MIT, informed his leadership of the startup’s global development and enterprise. Today, he oversees the new Air Quality division at iRobot, furthering his journey to bring pure air into every household. He is also a board member and investor in multiple scaling startups.

Constantin Overlack

Sr. Dir. Air Quality

Since co-founding Aeris, Constantin has led both engineering initiatives and the company’s global operations as COO, catapulting the small hardware startup from unit orders in the low hundreds to overseeing an international supply chain with tens of thousands of units shipped annually. He has led Aeris’ growth in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and will continue to lead a growing staff of air quality iRoboteers.

Etienne Bougeot

Sr. Mgr. Industrial Design

Prior to joining Aeris as the head of product design, Etienne consulted for the world’s most notable brands including HP, Philips, LG, Heineken, and more, exploring numerous creative design approaches practiced at global design firms in Paris (France), Guangzhou (China), Eindhoven (Netherlands), London and Warwick (United Kingdom), New York (USA), Zurich (Switzerland). Etienne now leads industrial design at iRobot.

Our Story

The inspiring story of Aeris’ turn from small startup to global powerhouse in premium air purification began when the company’s Swiss founders, Pierre Bi and Constantin Overlack, traveled to Beijing. They had seen just how painful bad air quality can be for those around them, and were convinced they could help.

Wanting to make a difference and convinced they could help, the entrepreneurial engineers dedicated the next three years to researching and studying air purifiers at MIT and ETH Zurich.

Bringing the highly awarded Industrial Designer Etienne Bougeot onboard, the mission-driven trio reengineered filter materials and iterated hundreds of designs to craft a superior, thoughtful air purification system with the cleanest, most powerful airflow in the market.

The first Aeris air purifier launched to instant success in 2017, as one of the few systems that could clean the indoor air caused by heavy pollution in China.
Following additional successful launches abroad, Pierre and Constantin brought their high-performance technology to the United States, and Aeris opened its California office in 2019. In less than two years the company’s air purifiers were being sold by some of the biggest retailers across the country and receiving prestigious awards.

In November 2021, iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), the leader in consumer robots, announced its acquisition of Aeris air purifiers with a vision to build the world’s most thoughtful robotics. With a new Air Quality division in place, the iRobot’s future plans include leveraging the Genius™ Home Intelligence platform to offer consumers more personalized and intuitive ways to create a better indoor environment.

Founders Pierre and Constantin continue to lead air purification product operations, including engineering, product management and design, accompanied by Etienne and a global air quality team of nearly 30 staff. In January 2022, Aeris by iRobot air purifiers are primed to clean the air in every home across the US and around the world.


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