About Aeris Fleet

We believe that today’s air purification systems, may it be standalone or fix installed air purifiers, have been underengineered. Aeris Fleet solves pain points of air purification on large scale by taking advantage of its proprietary software and high technologies.

Key issues

Missing air quality feedback

Measuring and seeing the impact of air purification is often only possible by using sophisticated equipment and not consistently delivered in real time.

Systems not operating at full efficiency

The air purification system does not adapt to the current surrounding indoor air quality nor does it care about the occupation of the space it’s cleaning.

Expensive and difficult to maintain

Keeping track of filter life and broken machines or vents is only possible by periodical onsite checks.

Key Feature

Infinite Control
in One Place

Imagine having complete control of each device at the tip of your finger. Our beautiful web application enables you or any of your users to interact with the air purification machines in an elegant way. Our software is accessible anywhere in the world and allows you to control and monitor thousands of units. What’s even better is that aeris fleet is not limited to our own air purifiers.

A Fully Integrated System

aerisFleet supports commercial users in their business operations of a larger number of air purifiers at one or several locations.

Cost savings are achieved in particular through time-sensitive programming of the devices, which reduces electricity costs and extends filter life time.

Which Air Purifier Systems Does aeris fleet Cover?

aeris air purifiers can all be connected to aeris fleet without further upgrade. Just sign up for aeris fleet and start adding your devices by connecting them to WiFi.

For a selected range of air purifiers, we offer modules, which enable them to be added to aeris fleet. These modules are currently avalailable for following products:* Blueair, IQAir

We design specific modules to be added to your air vent system’s control unit. By connecting these modules, you’re able to connect the complete air purification system to our aeris fleet.
aeris fleet for aeris by irobot aair lite and aair 3-in-1 Pro

Automation and Scheduling

Group your devices by location and control them simultaneously.

Define schedules for groups or single devices. Apply existing room schedules from other applications.

Industrial-level analysis

Real time air quality sensor data can be displayed either on our web app or on dedicated displays.

Deep air quality insights for the whole fleet.

Average, peaks and patterns can be recognized by aeris fleet.

Notifications and alerts in case of unusual air quality developments.

Lifecycle Management and Service

Complete overview on remaining filter life time

One-click or automated filter exchange

Be updated if a device breaks down or is removed from the network